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As a cutting edge IT & Telephone company, our unique model combines a range of advanced IT & Telecom Technology services and expert technical resources far-reaching to provide your business the level of communication support it needs

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GloryFone Communications

GloryFone Communications is a leading provider of voice, SMS and enhanced Internet communication services to businesses across Africa. While specializing in meeting the demands for voice and SMS termination in Africa through direct Tier 1 operators, we also have very robust partnerships for interconnections in to and out of Middle East, Far East, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Our suite of services provides low-cost, high quality voice and SMS services. GloryFone Communications Company is based in Kenya.

voice, SMS & Internet communication service providers

Our wide range of voice services target all types of VOIP users: (End users, PC2Phone users, Call shop owners and Resellers). Through our vast experience and knowledge in the VOIP world, we make sure that all our clients are satisfied and their demands are fulfilled in the best possible way. For VOIP wholesalers looking for good routes or traffic, we can provide you with these, depending on your End User service requirements.

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SMS Hubbing

GloryFone operates an SMS hub that facilitates A-Z SMS interconnectivity across all the continents. The messaging gateways are scalable with very high through put which guarantees very low latency for SMS delivery. Connection to our platform is via the SMPP protocol and via API’s. These enable our customers to Connect to multiple countries with a single interface. We are currently interconnected to over 500+ operators globally – directly and through our SMS hubbing partners and carriers.
SMS types
• A2P
• P2P
• 2-Way
• 2-Factor Authentication

Wholesale Voice

GloryFone Communications is an international VOIP carrier that offers voice interconnection services to mobile operators, fixed line operators, wholesale and retail voice carriers around the world. We provide premium 100% CLI termination to more than 300 networks globally. We pride ourselves with strong VOIP relationships that enable us to get the best quality VOIP routes for you at very competitive rates. Our VOIP services are available to both VOIP wholesale and VOIP retail carriers across the world. Our fully redundant wholesale VOIP carrier network offers you scalability in terms of capacity and destinations. As a Wholesale VOIP operator, we maintain long-term commitments with leading VOIP long-distance and mobile operators across the world. This ensures best in class VOIP connectivity to our peered VOIP partners.


The good news about this service is that it is exceptionally rewarding to companies/organizations institutions calling Africa from all over the world ( North & South America, Europe, Middle east, Far east, Asia Pacific etc) for any of the following reasons:
1) Routine working calls to regional offices across Africa
2) Routine calls to franchise partners and distributors across Africa
3) Prospect calls to prospective retail customers & business partnerships
4) Promotional calls to individuals/organizations for conference/seminar invitations in any country in Africa
5) Academic program promotion calls to prospective students/participants to programs in institutions of higher learning in Europe, Asia, Americas, APAC, MENA, Africa etc
Worthwhile noting is that inter-country calling rates with Africa are also very high and our service come in handy to post massive savings on telephone bills for businesses in African countries that have a large number of calls to other African countries.

Retail Voice

Corporate Services - International Calling

GloryFone offers corporations and companies globally that make large amount of calls to Africa alternative telephony service that reduces their monthly telephony budget. Savings of up to 30% have been achieved in some instances where cost is compared to that of routing international calls through their home country networks.
All the customer needs to do is direct all their international Calls to our global network from their PBX in their offices. That’s it!! Our technical teams are at hand to help and this takes less than 5 minutes.


PC2Phone Services

GloryFone offers user-friendly VOIP software that converts your PC into a VOIP phone with the help of a broadband connection. The VOIP software is designed in such a way that it utilizes minimal bandwidth and offers a crystal clear voice. Software installation takes less than 5 minutes. GloryFone has a VPN solution (optional) that enables you to work in markets where VOIP is blocked.


Mobile VOIP

GloryFone offers Mobile VOIP services that allows subscribers to make inexpensive international calls from their handsets and free in-country instead of using costly airtime minutes.
We provide an easy-to-download Mobile Handset Dialer that is that enables mobile users to make low-cost calls all over the world. Customers require a smart phone (Android, iphone, Windows, BlackBerry) and active data bundles to download the mobile dialer and start using the service from anywhere in the world. An active data bundle or plan is required to make calls.

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Gloryfone provides both managed & self-managed phone systems that can be either self hosted or gloryfone hosted.

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Gloryfone provides excellent service at a fair price. It allows me to focus on my business and not have to worry about the communication system". 

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Gloryfone provides an essential platform for our communication systems. Things are better organized with it.

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We have connected 3 country offices with a single communication system with full mobility. Out of the office, our smartphones are also our office extensions reachable anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. The system works perfectly.

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